Digital Business

Brief description information:

Telstra Digital Business® is a bundle that combines all of your needs in one tidy, simple package. It combines fixed lines, mobiles and broadband, plus also allows you access to a range of useful software applications. For example we can provide your business voicemail services, and even synchronised contacts, emails and calendars. It all just works by using a simple box that connects your services together in a simple package. Finally it means

What you can get

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Free Intra-Account Calls

Shared Data and Voice Allowances

Broadband Backup

Sophisticated voicemail

Microsoft® Exchange Online

Domain Registration

Reliable technology and Expert Support

How does it work?

STEP 1: Your Telstra Digital Business® Package starts with a Core Plan. This gives you a main telephone line and an internet service.

Each core plan comes with:

  • High-speed broadband internet
  • A fixed line phone. It’s actually a digital line, so we call it a ‘digital voice’ service with unlimited standard voice calls to most Australian numbers (local, national and mobiles)

Each Digital Business plan requires equipment, which has an additional monthly charge on most plans.

  • A phone handset - again it’s digital, so we call it a ‘Digital Phone’
  • A broadband modem/router (Wi-Fi enabled). It also comes with a couple of ‘analogue’ ports so you can plug in faxes/EFTPOS etc

Here’s some of the more advanced things you also get:

  • Ringing options - when a call comes in, your service can be set to make several phones ring all at once or ring in a specific order
  • A static IP address
  • A web domain name
  • Remote working VPN software
  • Just so you know, you can have a maximum of 3 digital voice calls at the same time, whether they are calls you receive, or calls you make over a single Telstra Digital Business® line.
  • All digital voice calls are made and received using a technology which gives you a great call quality. It’s what we call ‘QoS’ (short for Quality of Service). Have a look at the bottom of this page for more details.

STEP 2: You add a User Plan that has its own set of options to choose from that work best for your business.

The User Plan goes hand-in-hand with the Core Plan. There are four types of User Plans to choose from depending on how and where you (and your staff) work. Choose one or a combination, the choice is yours.

  • Office Plans: for people who mainly work in the office, at a desk or in one fixed location.
  • Mobile Plans: for people who work in a variety of locations.
  • Unified Plans: for people who work in a fixed location, out and about and after hours.
  • Mobile Broadband Plans: to share across your business.


You can choose from 3 Core Plans. Each is subject to a minimum term of 24 months and comes with a monthly data allowance, which you use for both your internet access and your telephone calls. Any data you don’t use expires each month.

Each Core Plan comes with a:

  1. Broadband service
  2. Static IP address
  3. Digital voice service
  4. Domain name and a Microsoft® Email service (which you can get if you let us host your domain name)
  5. Remote working software (VPN)

    You then add the required equipment
  6. Digital Phone (wired IP voice handset)
  7. Broadband modem router

A few other things you might want to know:

  • With any Telstra Digital Business® Package, you can have a maximum of 3 digital voice calls at the same time, whether they are calls you receive, or calls you make.
  • The Telstra Digital Business® modem/router can also connect most dial-up EFTPOS or Fax machines for an additional monthly fee

See if you are eligible to recieve Welcome Credits

Welcome Credits

Currently with another broadband provider? To say thank you for moving your services to Telstra and taking up Telstra Digital Business®, we have a range of welcome credits.

Available if you have not had a fixed broadband service with Telstra in the 3 months prior to taking up your Core Plan with a 24-month contract term.


If your mobiles and fixed lines are also with another provider, please speak to us about the welcome credits when porting your phone numbers to Telstra Digital Business®.


Office Plans are ideal for your small businesses, home businesses, or retailers. They’re perfect if you mainly stay in the one place, like an office or a shop. Office plans start from as little as $35 a month for 24 months.

With each Office Plan you get access to CommPilot, a call management tool, and free MessageBank® diversion and retrieval in Australia.


Mobile Plans

If you’re a tradie, sub-contractor, freelancer, or just operate your business over various locations, choose Mobile Plans. You can BYO a mobile or pick from a selection of smartphones including an Apple® iPhone on a Hardware Purchase Plan. Mobile Plans cost as little as $35 a month for 24 months, and you can enjoy free voice calls within Australia to others on the same Digital Business account.


Unified Plans

For employees that operate from both fixed and different locations, as well as after hours, a Unified Plan will fit the bill. It’s basically an Office Plan and a Mobile Plan put together with one email inbox. Plus an integrated voicemail messaging service so you don’t need to miss a call. Choose from 2 digital desk phones and a selection of smartphones, including an Apple® iPhone.

The Unified Plans are a combination of the Office Plans and the Mobile Plans, and are only available for 24 months.


Mobile Broadband Plans

This is the must-have plan for small businesses that need to be online while they’re away from the premise. It is high-speed broadband powered by the Telstra Next G® network. You can choose to add these plans to a 3G enabled device, such as our Telstra Ultimate® USB Modem or the latest tablet like a Motorola XOOM.

Another popular alternative is to add these plans to your Telstra Digital Business® Package so every employee can share the data allowance whether they have a Mobile, Unified or with other Mobile Broadband users.

You can take a maximum of 5 Mobile Broadband Plans per Core Plan