IT Maintenance (SLA)

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Monthly maintenance agreements are a good way to proactively manage and protect your ICT Infrastructure. After all, the last thing you want is a hefty repair bill to fix a problem that can be identified well in advance which could have the potential to cost more than equipment and implementation costs.

Monthly health checks of your server infrastructure, Phone System and networking will minimize the risk of costly repair bills and outages to IC&T services.


Pre Paid Service Level

If a monthly fixed cost doesn’t fit with your company’s budget or business model, then we can offer a pre-paid support option. You can enjoy all the benefits of our service level agreements including service level response times, however Pre paid support means that you only get charged for support that you use. The minimum contract for this is 12 months with 2 compulsory site visits to occur during this period. Parts for telephony are not included in pre paid support, however attract a 50% discount if out of warranty