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Video Conferencing

Visual collaboration is pervasive. The power of video is compelling enterprises to adopt new ways to collaborate using smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, room systems and telepresence solutions via the Internet and mobile networks. Visual interaction brings the human factor into the communication experience like never before.


Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual?

✓ Enhance Business Meetings

✓ Deliver Sales Presentations

✓ Host Online Job Interviews

✓ Educate with Virtual Classrooms

✓ Collaborate on projects

✓ Connect with your remote workforce

Benefits of Video Conferencing

The emergence of desktop and mobile video conferencing has significantly reduced the costs of deploying HD quality across a company and has made telepresence and all its inherent benefits a reality for even the smallest organisations.

Clearer communication

This is a more advanced video conferencing solution that is used in-office in a conference room. A room system will also, unless telepresence is provided by a hosted solution, will also form the backbone that enables the other desktop and mobile video conferencing components to work.

Save On Travel Costs

With video conferencing as good as todays solutions there’s no need for expensive travel. You can telepresence with you workers anytime, anywhere. And now that that includes desktops and mobile phones, why would you need to fly your staff anywhere for meetings. This is the future.

Great for Training & Interviews

Now your company training and job interview can be done in HD quality by remote staff in your orgnaisation. Now you don’t need your sales manager, of HR person having to travel unnecessarily. Video conferencing is brilliant for national sales meetings so everyone can put faces to the names and feel part of what’s going on.