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With NEC FieldAnalyst you can gather information quickly and effectively on your client’s such as their age and gender to help you create a better understanding on who your client is.

FieldAnalyst is a software solution which automatically detects human faces from images captured by video cameras, and estimates the number of visitors and exits, gender and age group, which are digitalized for output in real time. The software collects and processes this information for marketing analysis or real-time effective advertising using digital signage. FieldAnalyst enables you to automatically conduct various marketing analysis that have relied on human work until now. The advantages of this NEC solution are speed, accuracy and the ability to integrate into other real-time analysis or reaction based solutions.

FieldAnalyst is based on an industry-leading algorithm for both accuracy and speed. It can easily integrate into other real-time analysis or reaction based solutions.

FieldAnalyst comes with a scalable reporting solution via a user-friendly dashboard. Customers can enhance how they target customers by procuring our mini-content management solution that triggers digital media based on audience captured.

Customers also have the ability to bundle with NEC displays for greater integration and performance and only have to deal with a single vendor.

NEC FieldAnalyst will provides a range of benefits for your business such as:

  • Biometric basis
  • Real-time sensing
  • Uniformity and objectively
  • Compliant to legal requirements
  • Gate counting
  • Effect analysis
  • Target analysis
  • Non-buyer analysis
  • Entrance traffic analysis

With real time marketing, tracking and detection information available to you, such as the age and gender of your visitors, how long they stayed at your stand, distance toward a signage display, and how many people passed you by.

Released in 2007, FieldAnalyst has been used internationally at large-scale commercial facilities, shopping malls, event halls, and other venues.

Ensuring privacy concerns are a priority, the cameras do not record any images of faces and only store numeric data containing analysis results.

 FieldAnalyst has two solutions available. FieldAnalyst for Gate for real time people counting and visitor demographics, which provides you information on visitor information which has been collected by cameras installed at facility entrances. FieldAnalyst for Signage which effectively utulizes digital signage. You can use the digital signage available at your stand to estimate the number of who visited your stall, those who passed you by, as well as the demographic and interest levels of your viewers.