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Migration (SV8100 to SV9100)

Migration (SV8100 to SV9100)

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SV8100 to SV9100 Migration Process

Upgrade your NEC SV8100 for more features at less cost

Up to 55% discount on the SV8100 licensing being upgraded to the NEC UNIVERGE SV9100

Your NEC SV8100 telephone system is likely to have provided you with many years of trouble-free operation. To ensure you continue to get the most from your investment, you should consider upgrading to the UNIVERGE SV9100 to ensure the ongoing supportability of your critical communications systems.

Upgrading gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your communications requirements and look at how the new platform can better support your business. This process is core to every upgrade we undertake and ensures your new platform will continue to meet your needs into the future.

NEC has always believed in the philosophy of never leaving a customer behind and we stand by this ethos when we build and design all of our communication solutions.

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That philosophy is demonstrated by the fact that in most cases when you upgrade your NEC SV8100, around 70% of your original investment in SV8100 hardware can be retained. Furthermore, in recognition of your loyalty NEC is offering a 55% discount on the SV8100 licensing being upgraded to the NEC SV9100. Upgrading could save you thousands of dollars compared to purchasing a new telephone system.

In addition to the financial benefits on offer the SV9100 can deliver benefits that will better serve your business.

Imagine holding web-based conferences with your customers and suppliers (and all they will need is a web browser and an internet connection). You could work on documents or spreadsheets or even present and demonstrate your latest ideas or products by sharing your computer screen. Even better, this is built right into the SV9100 so there is no need for expensive servers.

Your staff can be productive from virtually anywhere with softphones on their laptop or a free NEC mobile client for Android and iPhone*, or simply pair another number (like their mobile) to their desk phone so they’ll never miss a call.

Paramount to your business is that your communications are secure from hackers. NEC’s Toll Fraud application can monitor the calling patterns and alert you to suspicious activity before you receive yo