NEC SV9100 CP20 CPU Upgrade Package


Upgrading your NEC SV9100 from a CP10 CPU to a CP20 CPU can provide several benefits in terms of performance, capacity, security, and compatibility.

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NEC SV9100 CP20 CPU Upgrade Includes:

  • GCD-CP20 – SV9100 Central Processing Blade
  • SD-A2 AU – Main Software & VRS/VM Storage (2GB 40 Hrs)
  • SV9100 Release 12 Main Software License
  • SV9100 Toll Fraud Guard License

Benefits Include:

  1. For the majority of SV9100 CP10 Customers they will retain all their existing investment in SV9100 CP10 hardware, licensing and terminals apart from the replacement of SV9100 CP10 CPU and SD Card and the Main Software licensing which is upgraded to R12.
  2. Customers will be able to add additional hardware, licensing and terminals.
  3. Gain access to released feature enhancements from SV9100 R10 to R12 and continue to be supported with future feature enhancements for an additional 5 years.

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