We would firstly just like to say thank you for choosing Teltech ICT for your I.T. & Telecommunications solutions. 
It has been a pleasure getting you on board and we look forward to increasing your efficiency and productivity with the right tools and our ongoing support.

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We found Teltech via a Facebook business group, we were having all kinds of issues, and no one locally was able to assist or get to the bottom of the issue. Mark was able to sort out our issues, they knew as did I that there had to be a solution, we just needed someone to want to take the time, and he did. The team at Teltech have been looking after our IT services ever since. We signed up to the service agreement so that we never have to experience the issues we have in the past, and we haven’t. If we have ever had any issues or concerns the team have always gotten back to us in a completely acceptable timeframe, and in small business that matters. We are a business who values quality relationships in our business, with customers and suppliers, and with Teltech we have that.

Bobbi McKibbin

Solar Integrity

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