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Welcome Kiosk

Welcome Kiosk

Biometrics plays an increasingly crucial role in global public safety. NEC’s facial recognition and multi-modal software is at the forefront of this movement. More accurate than any other system in the market, NEC technology is transforming how law enforcement and criminal investigation agencies study crowds, capture data and solve crimes.

Leveraging this capability, Teltech ICT has partnered with NEC to personalise this technology to create The Neoface Welcome Kiosk, a visitor management solution specifically tailored to safety in schools.

Neoface Welcome is a portable kiosk that uses a person’s face as the unique key to unlock new customer experiences. From there, the possibilities are endless with the integrated touch-screen allowing customers to craft their own journey through a physical or virtual venue.

The shiny new face of Customer Experience

In our increasingly individualised world, personalisation is the new currency. Organisations that persist with antiquated models of consumer interaction will perish. Businesses must be willing to meet their audiences on their terms. NEC NeoFace Welcome makes this possible.

NEC’s NeoFace Welcome empowers customers to replace ageing manual visitor registration processes with a modern digital solution that leverages facial recognition to provide a personalised unique experience and improve business efficiency.

There are significant benefits for operators, including greater streamlining with repeat customer interactions and more efficient use of staff. Another advantage of NeoFace Welcome is its ability to integrate with CRM and POS systems.

Revolutionise your visitor management process

Visitor verification can trigger other elements such as playing media, providing meeting room details, wayfinding, sending a notification message to a host or completing on-site induction training. The kiosk can be customised to ensure your visitor process meets your exact business needs.



Unique and personalised experiences for your guests or customers. 


Maintain secure access control for sensitive areas using facial recognition. 


Staff can be utilised more efficiently, enabling them to focus on other tasks. 


NEC’s NeoFace® facial recognition software is the market leader 


Enrol via the integrated touchscreen with spoken instructions or via an iPad. 


SMS/email notifications alert people that their visitor has arrived.