NEC UNIVERGE ST500 For iPhones Softphone In A Call

NEC UNIVERGE ST500 For iPhones Softphone In A Call
Caller DetailsCall StatusCall DurationCallers PhotoSpeakerMuteKeypadVideoTransferHoldHang-up

Caller Details

Shows you the name and number of the person that you are talking to.

The name will only show if the person is stored in your phones contacts.

If the contact details are not available you can go to the call history, click edit and it will add a new contact to your phone.

Call Status

Shows you the current status of the call.

  • Dialling
  • Ringing
  • Connected
  • Held
  • End

Call Duration

Shows you the number of hours : minutes : seconds that you have been on the call.

The timer only shows when you are connected.

Callers Photo

The photo of the contact (from your phones phone book).

If no photo is available a default photo will be shown.


Pressing this button will allow you to choose your audio device.

icon-speaker1 You're using handset mode (hold the phone to your ear to communicate).

icon-speaker2 You're using speaker (hands-free) mode.

icon-speaker3 Your Bluetooth headset is in use.

If you do not have a Bluetooth device connected, it will simply toggle between a handset and a hands-free call.


Press to toggle the microphone on or off.

You are muted.icon-mute1

icon-mute2 Your microphone is listening.


Press to show a dial pad to allow you to dial digits.

This is especially useful when calling automated services like phone banking that require you to enter information.


Tap this button to initiate a video call.

If the other party has a video capable phone they will be able to accept or decline your request.


When you have one person on hold and are talking to another, press the Transfer button to hang-up and connect the other two people.

At this point you might also see a conference button allowing you to both people at the same time. (System dependant)


Tap to place the caller on hold.

Once you have the caller on hold you can then talk to another person, transfer the call or start a conference call.


Press this button to hang-up on the call.