Measure, boost and monitor
employee cyber awareness...

Reduce human cyber risk with one comprehensive solution – simplified through automation.

Through intelligent automation, the platform combines continuous training with regular phishing simulations, simplified policy management and behavioural risk scores – enabling you to assess and mitigate your organisation’s human cyber risk with leading technology and a user-first approach.


Identify human vulnerabilities

Using a short gap analysis questionnaire, usecure will identify each users' weakest areas of security, gathering results into their unique risk profile.


Tackle individual risk areas

Using your employees' risk profiles, usecure will auto-enrol users onto personalised training programmes that tackle their unique risks — with course topics being prioritised based on their weakest areas.


Monitor employee progress

Understand how your users are progressing with company-wide risk scoring individual user performance, and automate summary reports for managers.


Demonstrate compliance

Easily showcase your compliance efforts during audits by tracking course participation, user grades, employee risk score and export custom reports.

Simplify your road to a security-savvy workforce

Empowering SMB and Enterprise businesses everyday

We keep simplicity at the core of everything we build, with great functionality, time-saving automation and easy-to-master features that our customers love.



Drive cyber security awareness with user-tailored training.


Determine user vulnerability to sophisticated phishing attacks.


Identify and safeguard exposed employee email accounts.


Simplify policy management and ensure user acknowledgement.

Risk Score

Understand your organisation's human cyber risk.

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