Donview Toolbar Tips

Donview Toolbar Tips
Switch to Interactive ModeNew PageSelect ArrowPen SelectionMoveEraserBack-ForwardUndo/RedoColour PalleteLine ThicknessDotted Line GraphicsTransparencyClear ScreenAnnotate to DocumentWebcamTouchCastSettings

Switch to Interactive Mode

New Page

Click to create a new page.

Select Arrow

Click to activate the Select Arrow

Pen Selection

This indicates the current pen selection.


Click to activate Move cursor.


Click to activate the eraser cursor to remove any mistakes or clear selected sections.


Click arrows to move Back or Forward pages.


Click icons to undo or redo an action.

Colour Pallete

Click to select colour of choice you wish to display with your interactions.

Line Thickness

Dotted Line Graphics


Click to adjust transparency of certain images or objects.

Clear Screen

Click to clear the current screen.

If pressed by mistake simply click the Undo button.

Annotate to Document

Click to annotate to Microsoft enabled application.

i.e. Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc...


Click to select which camera you wish to display, either from interactive panel itself or an external Webcam.


Click to enable TouchCast Server.


Click to action common Settings functions.

i.e. Save, Edit, Insert etc...