GT890 Ringing

GT890 Ringing
StatusContact PhotoContact DetailsDecline the CallAnswer as a Video CallAnswer as an Audio Call


The ST500 gives you instant feedback as to its status. The icon will change based on what the application is doing.

GT890-READY icon


The ST500 is connected to the phone system and is ready to make and receive calls.

GT890-TALKING icon


You are currently on a call.

GT890-ONHOLD icon

On Hold

You currently have a caller on hold.



The ST500 is trying to connect to your phone system. If it takes more than a few minutes to connect, you should talk to your system administrator to diagnose why.
GT890-ERROR icon


There is an issue with the ST500s configuration. Contact your system administrator.

Contact Photo

The photo of the contact (from your phones phone book).

If no photo is available a default photo will be displayed as shown below.

Contact Details

Provides the contacts name, company, job title and phone number.

If any of the details are not available they will be blank.

Decline the Call

Tap to decline the call.

If the other party is calling you from an NEC phone, when you decline the call they will continue to hear ringing until the call is diverted to voicemail.

Answer as a Video Call

Tap to answer the call as a video call.

This option will only be shown if the caller rang you as a video call.

Answer as an Audio Call

Tap to answer the call as an audio only call.