GT890 Video

GT890 Video
The other persons videoStop sending videoHide videoYour videoSettingsSwap CamerasMuteAudioHang-up

The other persons video

You will see the video of the other person here.

When you first answer the call you might also see their name and number briefly.

Stop sending video

Tap this button to stop sending your video to the other person.

Hide video

Tap this to stop seeing your own video - note your video is still being sent to the other person.

Your video

Your video that is shown to the other party.


Tap to show a number of controls you can use to control the other person's video.

  • Swap the video vertically
  • Swap the video horizontally
  • Focus on the video

Swap Cameras

When you initiate a video call by default it is using the front facing camera.

Press to toggle between the front facing camera and the rear facing camera.

This is great to allow you to show something you are looking at to the caller.


Press to toggle the microphone on or off.


Press to stop the video call and go back to a voice call.


Press this button to hang-up on the call.