NEC GT890 Smart Deskphone Colour Touch Display IP Phone

NEC GT890 Smart Deskphone Colour Touch Display IP Phone
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Hand Piece

A high quality audio device, allowing you to have the highest quality calls available, with the weight and quality that you would expect from NEC.


The curly cord, one of the most important inventions of the civilised world. It allows you to move several meters from your phone and still talk with the quality you would expect from Australia’s leading phone provider.

Cut the cord

Don’t like the curly cord, have you considered using a headset?

Video Camera

High quality 720p 30fps video camera used to record videos or used in live video streaming during a call.

Ring Indicator

When your phone rings, the light on the top right of the phone will flash.

This light will also light up based on notifications from other Android applications.

The light will be either Green or Red depending no what the notifications is for.


ST500 - the smart video softphone for your desk phone

Tap this icon to launch NEC’s UNIVERGE ST500 soft-phones for Android.

It allows you to easily make and receive voice and video calls.

You get access to your contacts, a list of favourite's and a detailed call history.

You can also start the application by picking up the hand piece or tapping the phone icon on the right of the home screen.

Watch a 3 minute video on how to handle calls

NOTE: that the icon may not be on the home screen depending on your configuration, but you can easily move it there if required.

NEC App Store

NEC's digital distribution platform

The NEC App Store is NEC's specialised distribution platform that allows users to access apps compatible to NEC devices.


This is a basic browser application that allows users to access the web.

Notification Area

This is the notification area that displays application or system notifications, some notifications include internect connectivity, ongoing calls etc.


The call screen shortcut is used to navigate to the dialler to make a call.


This is the management contacts shortcut used to access the caller directory.

Volume Down

Tap to turn down the call volume and media volume.

Volume Up

Tap to turn up the call volume and media volume.


Tap to go back to the Home screen; or touch and press for about 2 seconds to take a screen shot.


Tap to view options for different screens or applications.


Tap to go back to the precious menu.

Touch Screen

Responsive Touch Screen Display

A 7" LCD touch screen display that is used to interact with all the phones' features.