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Visitor Management Solution

Built for Today's Challenges

TrakVisit is a Visitor Management System, tailor-made as the solution to the growing needs of contactless public safety, personal security and efficient automated digital experiences.

The system utilises the latest developments in biometrics, facial recognition, contactless automation and multi-modal software in the industry. 

Leveraging this capability allows for personalisation to the technology providing greater flexibility and versatility, enough to fit into most environments, making it the most adaptive contactless visitor management system available. 

Our Visitor Management System Products provide endless possibilities with highly configurable applications that can be personalised to suit your business needs.

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Visitor, Staff and Customer Registration with Contactless Access Options & Label Printing

Automatic UV-C Screen Sanitiser Disinfects and Removes 99.90% of Viruses, Germs and Bacteria

Biometric Security Features including Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Scanning and RFID Card Readers

Customer, Staff & Visitor Management, Tracking, Reporting and Analytics. With Support for Emergency Evacuations

Configurable, Customisable Solution helps Automate Processes and Encourage Site Induction Completion

*Features may vary depending on the configuration chosen

Features and Functions

TrakVisit Stand

TrakVisit and You

Benefits and Advantages

Improved Health & Safety

Contactless check-ins and visitor logging are just some of the features ensuring you meet public health guidelines and protect your customers & staff. Combine this with the inbuilt UV Screen Sanitiser which provides clinical grade sterilisation to the touch screen.

Upgraded Security

Visitor details are securely stored and with the added security and accuracy of biometrics, you'll easily be able to contact trace, manage and audit all your visitors.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Market-leading Biometric & Facial Recognition Software identifies new and repeat customers or staff creating a personalised greeting. Team up multiple devices in busy environments to further reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Increased Business Efficiency

Customise and configure the check-in process with almost unlimited possibilities. Visitors and staff are even able to check-in remotely with the web app to reduce lines and waiting times.

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TrakVisit Your Way

Devices and


Desk stand, wall-mountable and freestanding, the lightweight TrakVisit Micro can fit into any modern office or reception.

  • Selective applications
  • Personalised greetings
  • Covid monitoring with QR Code

Contact us below to find out more about pricing, availability and more. 

Device Size
Width: 200mm
Length: 400mm
Height: 800mm

TrakVisit Stand


The TrakVisit Kiosk comes fully-featured and customisable making it perfect for  every environment.  In high traffic areas, pair up or bundle Kiosks to speed up check-in. 

  • Online registration
  • Meeting management communication
  • WH&S evacuation procedure

Contact us below to find out more about pricing, availability and more. 

Device Size
Width: 600mm
Length: 400mm
Height: 1600m


Easily portable and super compact, the Nano Kiosk can fit just about anywhere! Ideal for smaller environments and as an additional kiosk for when there’s more people. 

  • Selective applications
  • Managing trips and excursions
  • Covid monitoring with QR Code

Contact us below to find out more about pricing, availability and more. 

Device Size
Width: 48mm
Length: 148mm
Height: 337mm

The Ideal Solution

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