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How Connect IP® can benefit your business

Extensive network reach

Connect IP® is supported on Australia’s largest fully integrated MPLS IP platform, the Telstra Next IP® network. Telstra has invested $1.5 billion developing the network which is fully integrated with Telstra’s domestic and international networks with a global reach of over 2,000 points of presence worldwide.

Wide choice of last mile access services to connect your sites across Australia.

Managed network services

Telstra manages your Virtual Private Network end-to-end, freeing up your resources to focus on your core business. It also allows you to avoid large upfront infrastructure investments and on-going router management costs that can lead to technology obsolescence. Connect IP® routers are supplied and supported using industry leading partners such as Cisco.

End-to-end support

Connect IP® removes the need to recruit and upskill specialised IT personnel. A 24/7 help desk provides a single contact point for all your Connect IP® network and on-site equipment support requirements.

Highly secure

Connect IP® offers optimum security for your data through the adoption of security design best practice and independently audited ISO-27001 accreditation.

Per site billing

Simple monthly per site billing that you can reconcile easily. No data usage charges apply.

Product access options

Connect IP® offers a range of last mile access services to connect your sites:

  • Telstra Ethernet (IP MAN) – enables you to leverage Telstra’s extensive fibre footprint for your larger sites
  • Telstra Ethernet-Lite – connect your sites with Telstra’s Symmetrical High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line access service providing useful speeds up to 10M/10Mbps
  • Telstra ADSL – connects your smaller sites with cost effective ADSL, including high-speed ADSL, available from 2,800+ exchanges across Australia
  • Primary Wireless 4G/LTE – provides the convenience of wirelessly connecting your site to Telstra’s extensive 4G/LTE mobile network
    where a fixed access service is not a practical option
  • Ethernet over the nbn™ network (Traffic Class – 2) – connects your sites using nbn fibre-to-the-premises access using nbn Committed Information Rate traffic class
  • Broadband on the nbn network (Traffic Class – 4) – connects your sites using nbn fibre-to-the-premises access using nbn “Best Effort” traffic class
  • Mobile Back-up – Wireless 4G/LTE is also available as a back-up service option to add more resiliency to your Connect IP® service.

Click here to download a connect ip.