SIP Connect

SIP Connect is a Telstra IP telephony solution that enables businesses to connect an existing PBX system to Telstra’s Next IP™ Network.
This connection may be via either

  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) through a Telstra SIP Integrated Access Device (IAD)
  • Direct IP connection using a Telstra accredited PBX

This allows you to carry your voice and data traffic over a single network instead of using dedicated and separate ISDN or PSTN circuits. Converging voice and data onto a single network helps to simplify your network, increasing bandwidth and management efficiency, as well as enabling access to advanced network-delivered features such as unified dial plans, “on-net” calling, and automated network call re-direction.

SIP Connect


Flexible Ethernet access – From 2Mbps to 4Gbps*
Feature Network Change – From 2Mbps via an online portal
Six Classes of Service – Includes CoS for voice and video

  • Multiple redundancy options
  • Single Uplink: Access availability target of 99.9%
  • Dual Access: Access availability target of 99.95%
  • Fully Redundant: Access availability target of 99.98%

Multicast virtual private network – Send single broadcasts to selected recipients simultaneously to save bandwidth.

Next Generation Data Reporting – analyse bandwidth usage and application priority.

Telstra’s Next IPTM Network

Connect your people reliably to files, contacts and applications, boost productivity and customer service and empower your people to adopt new ways of working with solutions that run on Australia’s largest national IP network. The Telstra Next IP™ network is fully integrated with the Telstra Next G™ network to provide the ideal platform for your business, letting you maintain efficient operations, help combat security risks and confidently launch new network-centric services with outstanding availability and performance.

Additional Value-Added services

  • Free Local, National Calls & Mobile Calls.
  • Fully Maintained Customer premises equipment.

Solution Benefits

We anticipate these solutions will deliver the following benefits:

Improve customer service
Present a consistent customer experience nationally.

Control how calls are answered based on their origin or time of call, as well as where you’d like to divert calls during busy periods.


Data links can be increased to improve speed and organisational efficiencies.

Set up or adjust voice services quickly and easily as you expand into new business locations or launch promotions or marketing activities.

Increased productivity and efficiencies

Make the most of skilled agents by automating routine call answering processes so they can focus on more complex and high-value interactions with customers.

Increase productivity by enabling smart call management features that make it easier for your people to manage call volumes professionally, making them more responsive to customers.

How Does It Work?

SIP Connect provides a number of logical voice channels/lines between your voice CPE and the PSTN using you’re the Telstra IP network (as represented, for discussion purposes, in the below diagram). Each voice channel/line provides the ability to transport a single call to/from your voice CPE.

Each SIP Connect services will have at least one number range allocated to it from an exchange. Additional ranges from within a single state can also be purchased at an additional cost so that you are publicly contactable for calls.

Calls to and from your voice CPE are then transported across the Telstra IP network to another one of your SIP Connect or Telstra IP Telephony services. The calls may be transported either internally on your IP Virtual Private Network (referred to as an “on-net call”) or out to the PSTN (referred to as an “off-net call”) via gateways that sit within Telstra’s network. This means that you no longer need to maintain separate ISDN/PSTN lines and gateways at each of your sites, enabling you to instead focus on increasing the efficiency of a single converged IP network in order to maximise the return on your IP network investments.
In addition to providing access to the PSTN via IP, SIP Connect also provides a number of other features, such as;

  • On-net calling between sites;
  • Short code dialling;
  • Access to enhanced mobility and continuity features; and
  • Hybrid CPE and Hosted voice solutions capability.


Telstra SIP Connect is deployed over a customer’s Telstra IP VPN service. The IP VPN and associated access service must be configured for Quality of Service (QoS) to help maintain voice quality. Bandwidth must also be dimensioned to support the required voice calling capacity.
The amount of bandwidth required depends on the number of voice channels required, the codec being used and the underlying access technology. Telstra will work with you to determine the appropriate bandwidth required to support your SIP Connect solution.

Business Opportunities

Improve customer service and reduce cost with network-based IVR services, speech recognition platforms, virtual multi-site contact centres, web-based contact centres, multimedia contact centres and many other proven solutions.

Add IP applications, such as unified voice and email messaging, to enable your people to be more responsive to customers.


Cost of communications is shifted to an investment in ICT assets to increase efficiencies and drive higher ROI.

Easy-to-use audio-conferencing options let you reduce travel costs.

Less Risk

Proactive 24×7 monitoring, response and recovery from our world-class Global Operations Centre enables us to detect threats and prevent network problems before they happen and respond rapidly to restore services in the event of a disruption.

Telstra technical specialists have proven expertise, deep knowledge of our networks and vast knowledge of similar deployments ¬so they can help you integrate your solution with minimal disruption and keep it running optimally.


Telstra’s 24-hour service desk provides efficient support for your service, ensuring reliable operations.


Know what to expect with a simple, transparent pricing structure
Telstra professionals manage your service so you can focus on your business.

Choose the features you need and easily scale your service up or down to suit changing business conditions.

What Is Liberate Unified?

Liberate Unified gives you the best features of your desk phone on your mobile, so you can get an office-like experience on the go. It connects a mobile service to your existing TIPT or SIP Connect service.

With Liberate Unified, you can make calls using your work number on your mobile device. Choose when you want to display your mobile number, work number, or remain anonymous. Have multiple devices? Select which will ring when receiving incoming calls at certain times of the day.

You also get access to features like call transfer, call forwarding, unified voicemail and more. Use with the free to download Liberate companion app for full control, more features and self-help guides.

Click below to download a copy of the SIP Connect Brochure

SIP Connect Brochure