NBN For Business

Select a nbn for business internet package that’s right for you.

Telstra offers two nbn™ tier 50 plans suitable for Small Business Customers.
What speed tier may be suitable for you depends on what you use the internet for and the maximum line speed of your nbn fixed-line technology.

Essential Unlimited Data Premium Unlimited Data Superfast Ultrafast Premium Plus Ultra Ultra Plus
$115 per month month-to-month $140 per month month-to-month (Optional add-on) (Optional add-on) (Optional add-on) (Optional add-on) (Optional add-on)
Typical Busy Period Speeds
(9am - 5pm weekdays)
Download 50Mbps^ 50Mbps^ 50Mbps^ 50Mbps^ 50Mbps^ 50Mbps^ 50Mbps^
Upload 17Mbps 17Mbps 17Mbps 17Mbps 17Mbps 17Mbps 17Mbps
Typical busy period speeds for the new nbn tiers Superfast (upload only), Ultrafast, Premium Plus (upload only), Ultra and Ultra Plus are an estimate only. We do not have sufficient data yet to calculate the typical busy period speed of these add-ons. We will update this information once sufficient data is available. Speeds experienced may be lower due to the factors listed below. Actual speed confirmed post-connection for FTTN/B/C customers.
Connection Types All Fixed Line connections
(Excl. Fixed Wireless).^^
FTTC/P, HFC and selected FTTN/B connections only. FTTP and some HFC connections only. FTTP connections only
Telstra Business Plans Upfront Business Internet Plan Essential and Upfront Business Internet Plan Premium Available on ‘Telstra Business Broadband on nbn’ plans only
Number of users online at the same time on separate devices Up to
5 users
Up to
10 users
Up to 10 users Up to 15 users Up to 20 users Up to 35 users Up to 50 users
Voice Calls
Video Calls & Conferencing
Emails and Browsing
Social Media
SD Video Streaming
HD Video Streaming
Backing up Data to the Cloud
Downloading and Uploading Files
Using Cloud-based Business Apps
Publishing 4K and Ultra-HD Content
VPN and Remote Working Activities

^These speeds are not available to all customers, including most FTTN customers. ^^Not available in all areas.

Committed Information Rate (CIR) add-ons for ‘Telstra Business Broadband on nbn’ plans only
Dedicated Data Packs Dedicated Data S Dedicated Data M Dedicated Data L
Typical TC2 Speeds*
(All hours, all days)
9Mbps download – 9Mbps upload with data overflow onto the available Standard Plus speed. 18Mbps download – 18Mbps upload with data overflow onto the available Premium speed. 45Mbps download – 45Mbps upload with data overflow onto the available Premium Plus speed.
Connection Types All Fixed Line connections (Excl. Fixed Wireless). FTTP connections only.
Number of concurrent business users using separate devices Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 20

*Typical TC2 speeds are provided by nbn co at a Layer 2 Committed Information Rate (CIR).

nbn tiers and typical busy period speeds.

The ‘nbn tier’ figures represent the wholesale maximum network speeds to customer premises during off-peak periods. The nbn tier figures and ‘typical busy period speeds’ are not measures of customers actual in-premises speed experience, which may be slower. Not all customers may receive these speeds all of the time.

Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Building (FTTB) and Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) speed test results and your options.

Your nbn service can never go faster than the maximum attainable speed available at your premises. If you are connecting to the nbn for the first time, we’ll check your maximum attainable speed when your service is working. If your line can’t support the speed tier and/or add-on you’re on, we’ll send you an email with your speed results and the option to:
• remain on your current plan and/or add-on;
• move to a lower-priced plan and/or add-on (if one is available) and receive a proportionate refund to reflect the period you didn’t receive the full benefit of your plan and/or add-on; or
• cancel your plan and/or add-on at no cost and receive a proportionate refund to reflect the period you didn’t receive the full benefit of your plan and/or add-on.

Some factors impacting performance in the workplace.

Broadband speeds may be lower due to:
• the website you’re visiting and their servers;
• Wi-Fi is less reliable than an Ethernet cable;
• the speed tier you are on;
• in-premises wiring;
• network capacity and network traffic;
• the nbn technology type at your premises;
• where your modem is located; and
• your equipment and applications being used.
Setting up your modem in a central spot, away from your electrical appliances, can help. Wi-Fi boosters can also help.

nbn service and power outages.

Your nbn service won’t work during a power outage. This means that you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls if there is no power to your modem, including calls to Emergency ‘000’ services. You’ll need to rely on your mobile phone to make calls in this situation. If your premises has, or requires, critical safety devices such as medical, fire or back-to-base alarms, lift phones or fire indicator panels, you should consider connecting to a secondary communications technology, such as a mobile network. Contact your critical safety device provider for more details.

For Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connections, battery backup is available to customers with Priority Assistance, a medical or back-to-base alarm, lift phone or a voice-only service. Battery backup does not replace the potential need for
secondary communications technologies to support critical safety devices.

Medical and security alarms.

If you have a back-to-base security alarm or medi-alert connected to your home phone service, it’s important you contact your medical or security provider to check if they’re compatible with an nbn service and identify what alternatives are available. You’ll need to arrange this before we move you to the nbn network,
or your alarm may not work.

Fixed Wireless.

For more information about Fixed Wireless plans and speeds, see:

Key Fact Sheet: nbn Services (Fixed Wireless).

nbn® services not available to all areas or premises. nbn®

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nbn co limited and used under licence.

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nbn® services not available to all areas or premises. nbn®, nbn co and other nbn® logos and brands are trademarks of nbn co limited and used under licence.

Telstra Business – Key Fact Sheet NBN Services
PDF: nbn Services for business PDF
Telstra Business – SMB Network Key Fact Sheet
PDF: Opticomm Access Network for Business PDF
Telstra Business – Upfront Internet Plans
PDF: Critical Information Summary

nbn™ for Business Plans

Telstra Essential nbn™ Tier 50 Plans

Business plans offer ongoing support teams for business customers. Quite often business plans also include extras like static IP addresses, bonus Wi-Fi connections, mobile broadband backup and options to add business-grade phones and routers. Get in touch with the team at Teltech ICT to organise a bespoke nbn™ plan for your business needs.  

To accurately determine the right nbn™ plan and speed for your business, you need to know more about what your businesses uploading activities. Does your business use the cloud? Backing up files to the cloud can cause high upload usage.  

Understanding your business requirements is an essential step in determining your nbn™ tier, as a recent analysis found that selecting the wrong nbn™ plan could cost you up to $736 a year! For new customers, we offer 2 small business plans, on nbn™ tier 50 (Faster than standard) and offer a range of plans for Large Business and Enterprises. 

Telstra Premium nbn™ Tier 100 Plans

For most businesses making the switch to nbn™ has been highly anticipated!  The availability of nbn™ also means that companies can finally utilise an extensive range of unified communications that previous poor internet could not support.   

Teltech ICT offer Large business and Enterprises the flexibility of customised solutions, tailored to your business needs. Reliability backed by our range of premium services and support options. As well as Choice, with our huge range of products and services. 

Contact us on 1300 TELTECH (1300 835 832) for your specialist consultation.   

We’ve combined a connection you can count on; with all the extras your business needs to thrive. Plus, a Telstra Business Smart Modem with 4G mobile backup.