Cloud Migrations, Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap

Cloud Consulting. Unlock the power of your cloud

Success in the cloud begins with a secure cloud strategy. Let our team of experts consult on a cloud strategy that suits your needs.

A new way of doing business

The cloud opens up many exciting new opportunities. But with so many options available, it’s hard to know which solution, or combination of solutions, will take your organisation to the next level.

Our team of cloud consultants will help you assess, implement and manage a cloud solution to suit your needs – so that you can maximise your return on investment and minimise risk, combined with the assurance of our secure and reliable network.

Not sure where to start?

Leverage our cloud experts to help you pinpoint your IT state of health and your readiness for a cloud transformation

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Cloud Assessments allow you to quickly:

  • Gain comprehensive insight into your IT state of health and readiness for a cloud transformation
  • Identify opportunities to align your cloud strategy with the business strategy
  • Identify operational and technical gaps that could hinder the customer in implementing and operating your cloud
  • Build justification for your cloud transformation
  • Formulate your cloud roadmap
  • Following this assessment, you will have the information required to make decisions about what, when, how and where specific workloads can be transitioned to the cloud.

Driving innovation, agility & growth

Our consultants will design your strategy so you can disrupt, rather than be disrupted. Let us assess your unique business requirements and ensure the right clouds with the most effective configuration are chosen to meet your needs.

Cloud Assessment

Best suited for our small business customers, we can help you understand the benefits of cloud for your organisation. We can also help you align your current IT roadmap with constantly evolving cloud capabilities and determine which cloud solution is best and why. We’ll then provide you with an action plan to implement the solution to realise the benefits of cloud quickly.

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Available to medium to large customers, we’ll take the time to assess your requirements and provide a strategy across multiple cloud platforms. Working closely with your key stakeholders, we’ll develop a roadmap to guide your journey to the cloud.Download Strategy and Roadmap

Cloud readiness and maturity assessment

Before you move to the cloud, you need to understand where you are now. Our readiness and maturity assessment focuses on your process and technology maturity in preparation for evolving into a cloud enabled business.Download Readiness Assessment

Cloud cost optimisation services

If your organisation has already moved to the cloud, our team of experts can work with you to minimise cloud waste, reducing both current and ongoing cloud costs. We'll help you improve usage visibility, identify waste and recommend immediate cost saving options that are aligned to your business needs.

Telstra advanced services

If your organisation is looking for advice, escalation support or governance expertise, Telstra Advanced Services can give you access to on-demand technical expertise and advice to help you leverage best practice architectures and tools so you can embrace the potential of your eligible Telstra cloud services.