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Our commitment to education

Our commitment to education

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Teltech ICT has been servicing businesses nationally for over 24 years and has 18 years of extensive experience in Public, Catholic and Independent Education. With over 600 schools, who trust and depend on our services, Telephone Technologies’ commitment to Education is second to none. 

Teltech ICT specialises in the design, implementation and support of Phone systems integrating features for security in Schools in Victoria and sponsor and attend up to 25 education conferences each year to support the Professional Development of Principals, Business Managers and Teaching Staff in both the Government and Private education allowing us the opportunity to demonstrate how these features can be integrated into your school.

We have been involved with the communication within schools for over 20 years and understand the complexities of the school environment.

Over the last 10 years we have identified a common theme with schools due to new and existing challenges that are being faced in day to day activities primarily how you communicate within and outside the school.

To assist schools with these challenges we have developed and deployed a number of critical features to ensure safety and compliance within the school.

  • Streamlined processes for Lockdown in the event of an intruder or hazard in or around the school
  • Duress in the event of minor or critical incident in the classroom or Yard
  • How you relay messages to teachers and support staff.
  • Robust Communication solutions for teacher while on excursion or camps
  • How you advise parents of critical and non-critical messages.
  • Or most importantly are you receiving the level of support and advice when things go wrong.

We have deployed these feature sets to a large number of schools within Victoria who are enjoying the benefits of these seamless processes. Adding to this the ongoing support we provide to make your phone system much more than a device on your desk that just makes and receives calls to a powerful tool that can enhance and overcome the challenges currently being experienced.

Schools are becoming increasingly aware of perceived threats to Staff and students and with consultation with a number of schools a number of programs have been developed to provide seamless processes to quickly alert the school of specific situations. These processes have been developed in the event of incidents within the school, such as an  unauthorised person wandering around the grounds or even nearby which can trigger a school lockdown or in a classroom where a child may be ill or hurt and requires medical attention, the admin office can be alerted with the push of one key which will call all the designated Handset in Administration with a different ring tone and light on the handsets pre-empting the call as a duress call, once assessed Emergency services can be added to the call in a three way conversation so that instructions can be given directly to the teacher while still allowing Administration to be part of the call to co-ordinate specific tasks that may be required such as sending medicines to the classroom or arranging gates to be opened or cars moved if an ambulance is required as key examples.

Our commitment is to constantly enhance and automate the safety and security aspects of your communications but keep it easy and simple to use.

Teltech ICT our full internal team that can perform ALL work relating to the provisioning of your new telephone system. 

Teltech strives to be the trusted advisor for all IT / Telecommunications needs, including Telephone systems, Carrier services, Voice & data networks, VoIP systems, Cabling and Managed IT services. 

For your obligation free appointment, call today for a safer tomorrow.