SOS Pendant


The Yard Duty Personal Alarm with GPS Positioning SOS Pendant is ideal for emergency assistance for teachers on yard duty, throughout the school, excursions or even camps.

Once activated, it will automatically ring the predetermined contacts (up to 10) which allow for 2-way voice communication as it contains a hands-free speaker and microphone so the contact can assess the situation or the user can verbally explain and provide more details regarding the emergency at hand. Furthermore, an SMS with the GPS location is also sent to all contact providing the exact location and vital device details.

Available in white or black.

For Safety & Peace Of Mind Wherever You Are

Press SOS

With a press of the SOS button you can talk to your chosen contacts and seek assistance.


Your contact will receive a phone call and/or SMS with a link to your location in a matter of seconds.

Identify Request

Either from talking or listening in your contact will be able to assess the situation.

Seek Help

The relevant emergency services and actions can be implemented to resolve the situation at hand.


Key Features:

  • GPS locator
  • Month-to-Month SIM Plan
  • Smart Fall Protection
  • 10 Personal Emergency Contacts
  • Splash Proof
  • No lock-in Contracts

Teltech Services:

  • Service Call
  • Programming
  • Installation
  • On-going Support

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