Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)

Cloud Collaboration – TIPT is a complete unified communications solution that’s simple, flexible, scalable, and highly reliable.
It enables you to converge your voice, video and data services into one network, Cloud Collaboration.

TIPT provides a consistent user experience across different compatible connected devices and locations with coverage, while avoiding the cost and complexity of buying, integrating and managing hardware and applications. Simplicity Bring your people together more easily and quickly to share information. TIPT helps to deliver a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices and locations while reducing the cost and complications of management.

Scalability and flexibility

It’s a customisable and scalable solution with a range of plans, features and end points. Use video to connect with customers and colleagues on compatible devices, take TIPT on the road with the UC-One app where coverage is available, develop apps with the TIPT App Development Environment, or run call centre services.


You can rely on our networks to ensure performance and reliability.

Drive productivity and innovation

Help enable your staff to be more agile and responsive, adapt to market change faster, and foster new and more flexible ways of working.

Click below to download a copy of the Telstra TIPT Brochure

TIPT Brochure

What is Liberate Unified?

Liberate Unified gives you the best features of your desk phone on your mobile, so you can get an office-like experience on the go. It connects a mobile service to your existing TIPT or SIP Connect service.
With Liberate Unified, you can make calls using your work number on your mobile device. Choose when you want to display your mobile number, work number, or remain anonymous. Have multiple devices? Select which will ring when receiving incoming calls at certain times of the day.
You also get access to features like call transfer, call forwarding, unified voicemail and more. Use with the free to download Liberate companion app for full control, more features and self-help guides.