Adaptive Mobility


Unleash new ways of working, powerful collaboration and innovative business models.

Telstra Adaptive Mobility advances your business with rapid deployment, flexible month-to-month no lock-in contracts and data sharing, along with managed service and security options. And you’ll have all the benefits of Australia’s best and largest 5G network.

Key Features

Have the confidence to empower your staff to adopt new ways of working, introduce innovative services and use more intelligent enterprise applications with Telstra’s 5G speeds on flexible Adaptive Mobility plans.

The Speed of 5G

5G is built to deliver the performance needed for a highly productive hybrid workforce. Every Adaptive Mobility plan is now unleashed, so your business can take advantage of the benefits of 5G.*


Adaptive Mobility plans give you the choice of tiered data volumes to suit each user. You can add on modules like International Roaming and Calling for those who need it. Plus choose to purchase handsets and devices in the way that best suits your budget and business.

Data Sharing

Adaptive Mobility’s generous mobile and mobile broadband data inclusions can be shared in your Adaptive Shared Data Pool, helping to balance use across your business. And Enterprise Wireless data can be shared in your Enterprise Wireless Shared Data Pool.

Managed Services

Telstra Purple and our partners keep you up and running, and help you plan for the future with managed services. And you can offset eligible managed services costs through credits from most Adaptive Mobility Mobile plans.

Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund

Get rewarded for your loyalty with 10% of net monthly subscriptions banked into your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund. Whether you need to replace a handset or refresh your entire fleet, you can draw on your fund to offset the purchase price of eligible hardware and devices.

Flexible Hardware Purchase Options

Choose to purchase handsets and devices in the way that best suits your budget and business. You can purchase outright or on a repayment plan, offset by your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund. We also offer BYO and lease options.



Performance, for productivity and modern working

Empower your staff to adopt new ways of working and mobilise your business on Telstra’s extensive 5G and 4G mobile network.


Security, for protection against escalating threats

Our mobile network protections enable businesses to connect hybrid workers and branches over a network in which technology constantly inspects and compares traffic against millions of recognised threats to pre-empt and shut down malware, ransomware and phishing.


Services, for efficient mobile management

Draw on Telstra and our partners’ expertise to help ensure compliance and provide efficient lifecycle support for company devices with a professionally managed service.


Adaptability, for your dynamic mobile business

Respond to new business opportunities with flexible plans and enterprise wireless connectivity that lets you set up sites and users in no time.

Adaptive Mobility Add-Ons


Adaptive Mobility Care

Call on customer support from an expert team within Australia.


Adaptive Mobility Accelerator

For typically faster download speeds during high bandwidth work activities: Accelerator optimises your data speed on our 4G and 5G networks when using your monthly data allowance or Adaptive Shared Data Pool.


Voice Messages

Manage calls and messages from your customers and colleagues even when you are busy.


International Calling and SMS packs

Basic and Premium International Calling Packs are a cost-effective option for your users who regularly call or SMS overseas numbers.


International Roaming Day and Month Passes

Telstra’s International Roaming Day and Month Passes simplify your business travel by covering a wide range of countries, enabling your team to make calls, send SMS and use data stress-free when travelling overseas.


Telstra One Number

Allow your staff to share their mobile number to their compatible smart watch to make calls and send and receive SMS without having to carry their mobile.


For more information or if you are ready to get started get in touch with our team so they can determine the best possible solution.

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