Music & Messages On Hold

Words on a website will
only tell you half the story

To really get on the same wavelength,
you need to hear what we’re talking about.

Enter the studio archives and behold a compilation of selected audio samples that really show off M2 on holds skills. Click on the below to delve into our interactive studio and get a real feel for what we’re going to deliver…

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The Perfect Mix

M2 On Hold productions are all made to order

For a taste of what’s to come, listen to a few samples below. Select from 4 different voices and choose a combination of 2 males, 2 females or 1 male and 1 female for a conversational feel.

Vocal Chords

There’s a wonderful diversity to the range of a good voice actor.

If you’re unsure about which style will best suit your brand, fear not! Our creative team are here to guide you through every step of the way.

Ahh, music...

Sometimes you don’t even notice it’s playing.

Until some idiot changes the station and you are ripped away from the tranquillity of a Hawaiian sunset and plunged into the mosh pit of an AC/DC concert circa the early 80s.

Industry Samples

See what we are doing for others in your industry

Select from a range of different industries!

It can have a big impact on the person waiting to speak to you, so choose wisely!

Contact us below to get your music & messages on hold organised.

OnQue Messages

M2 On Hold is easy to implement, cost effective, and is the perfect way to turn a caller’s wait time into a valuable marketing opportunity. Professionally scripted, recorded and produced by our highly skilled creative team, your M2 On Hold production will deliver a clear and concise message to your callers.

Whether you have a new service, an upcoming event, or wish to shine the spotlight on a forgotten product, on hold advertising is the perfect way to communicate with your customers. Don’t let your callers sit in silence or listen to those dreaded chimes. Make the most of the opportunity and tell them exactly what you want them to hear.

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