PC Backup

PC backup solutions automatically back up your PC data safely to the cloud.

Avoid losing your valuable PC data. Reduce the risk of every business owner’s greatest nightmare.

Your company needs the ability to retrieve important messages in case of litigation, merging or being bought out. A reliable email archiving service that is designed to back up your company emails in case they’re needed. With the increased threat of ransomware attacks you need to protect your companies’ valuable data so it can be accessed if you are subject to an attack.

Remote Backup MozyPro® Desktop provides a fully hosted data backup service that is designed to reduce the strain on your mail servers and give you peace of mind by ensuring that your email data is safe and secure.

Your internal and external emails are safely archived into the cloud and you’ll still have rapid, on-demand access whenever you need them, provided there is connectivity.


Help your organisation to get...

A high-performance solution

Remote Backup MozyPro® Desktop is designed to be easy to download and install, and you can choose between manually or automatically scheduled backups. After the initial backup, only new or changed portions of files are backed up, saving internet capacity and speeding up the process.

Peace of mind

All files are encrypted during backup and data is stored in state-of-the-art data centres. MozyPro® Desktop automatically can back up files locally to your external drive and to the Mozy data centre and with MozyPro’s mobile app you can access the files on compatible Apple or Android devices.


You’ll be able to recover data on behalf of your users whenever you need. You can choose which files should be backed up and you can decide on an automatic schedule and advanced options, such as bandwidth throttling.


With our monthly, per-user subscription pricing model, you have the flexibility to add licences in minutes as your business grows. And we’re here for you 24×7 to help you keep your business running.

Potential business impact

• Restore your data your way when disaster strikes
• Backs up computers and servers
• Scalable solution
• Increased customer contact

Ideal for companies

• Looking for some serious data protection as a part of their overall backup strategy, if disaster strikes
• Looking for a backup solution which can be accessed from mobile devices and on the go.
•That require a backup solution, which works in the background and automatically detect and back up new or changed files.

To learn more about how you can best secure your data contact us below.

For a simple monthly fee your business can have.

10GB storage *$13.75 incl. GST(min. cost is $165.00 over 12 months) 
50GB storage $29.95 incl. GST(min. cost is $359.40 over 12 months) 
100GB storage $55.00 incl. GST(min. cost is $660.00 over 12 months) 
250GB storage $130.00 incl. GST(min. cost is $1560.00 over 12 months)
500GB storage $260. incl. GST(min. cost is $3120.00 over 12 months)
1000GB storage $520.00 incl. GST(min. cost is $6240.00 over 12 months)

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