Connect IP

How Connect IP® can benefit your business

Extensive network reach

Connect IP® is supported on Australia’s largest fully integrated MPLS IP platform, the Telstra Next IP® network. Telstra has invested $1.5 billion developing the network which is fully integrated with Telstra’s domestic and international networks with a global reach of over 2,000 points of presence worldwide.

Wide choice of last-mile access services to connect your sites across Australia.


End-To-End Support

Connect IP® removes the need to recruit and upskill specialised IT personnel. A 24/7 help desk provides a single contact point for all your Connect IP® network and on-site equipment support requirements.

Highly Secure

Connect IP® offers optimum security for your data through the adoption of security design best practice and independently audited ISO-27001 accreditation.

Per Site Billing

Simple monthly per site billing that you can reconcile easily. No data usage charges apply.

Managed Network Services

Telstra manages your Virtual Private Network end-to-end, freeing up your resources to focus on your core business. It also allows you to avoid large upfront infrastructure investments and on-going router management costs that can lead to technology obsolescence. Connect IP® routers are supplied and supported using industry-leading partners such as Cisco.


Product Access Options

Connect IP® offers a range of last-mile access services to connect your sites:

  • Telstra Ethernet (IP MAN) – enables you to leverage Telstra’s extensive fibre footprint for your larger sites
  • Telstra Ethernet-Lite – connect your sites with Telstra’s Symmetrical High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line access service providing useful speeds up to 10M/10Mbps
  • Telstra ADSL – connects your smaller sites with cost-effective ADSL, including high-speed ADSL, available from 2,800+ exchanges across Australia
  • Primary Wireless 4G/LTE – provides the convenience of wirelessly connecting your site to Telstra’s extensive 4G/LTE mobile network where a fixed access service is not a practical option
  • Ethernet over the nbn™ network (Traffic Class – 2) – connects your sites using nbn fibre-to-the-premises access using nbn Committed Information Rate traffic class
  • Broadband on the nbn network (Traffic Class – 4) – connects your sites using nbn fibre-to-the-premises access using nbn “Best Effort” traffic class
  • Mobile Back-up – Wireless 4G/LTE is also available as a back-up service option to add more resiliency to your Connect IP® service.

Telstra Connect IP Datasheet