Teltech ICT Managed Services offers three tiers of support to match both your budget and your requirements.


Our Protected plan provides everything needed to allow us to provide effective and efficient support of your IT infrastructure at a low monthly cost. We install our RMM (Remote management and monitoring) agents and best-in-class security, provide patch management and monitoring to secure your systems and then provide additional support as you require it at competitive rates. This can be a very cost-effective solution for businesses which are largely self-reliant. True ad hoc support is a poor substitute as we all spend time on every call learning enough to start to help and establishing remote access. So Protected leapfrogs this step at the lowest possible fixed cost.


Proactive builds on Protected to provide a complete IT support service at a fixed monthly cost. This is a more cost-effective solution for most businesses, where support is required regularly. Most of our work can be done remotely, so Proactive saves you money by providing on-site support at an additional cost when required.


Partnered provides our highest level of support with our fastest response times and includes all services at a fixed monthly cost. This is the best fit for customers requiring fast response, with all IT costs locked in, including on-site support as required.


Any managed services provider will include backup in their service packages. But nobody cares if you can backup – only whether you can restore! Even if you can restore:

  • How much data can you afford to lose?
  • How long can your business be down waiting for IT systems to be recovered?
  • What is the cost of an outage?

In these times of continuous operation, ransomware and notifiable data breaches, backup is no longer enough. A true Business Continuity service is required for any business which relies on systems and data and the cost of having one is a small fraction of the cost of needing one.

Teltech ICT has partnered with the world’s leading Business Continuity provider – Datto – to implement true Business Continuity solutions, whether your critical systems are on premises, on the cloud, or a mixture of the two. Note that Business Continuity is only available on Proactive and Partnered plans and the cost of that component depends on the capacity required.

For more detail on Business Continuity, why cloud services are NOT backups and how we can make ransomware no longer something to cause you sleepless nights, see here.