Managed Services

Whatever your requirements, big or small Teltech ICT can offer tailored Managed IT Services to suit your business needs.

Each year small to medium Australian businesses lose thousands of dollars in productivity because of insufficient IT resources and practices which don’t match what their business is doing and where it is going.  The solution is simple; a support plan tailored to suit the business requirements and future plans of your business.  

Teltech have proven experience in several verticals – friendly, efficient & cost-effective IT; that’s what we do and not just claim.

Teltech ICT Managed Services offer 3 tiers of support to match both your budget and your requirements.




The Essentials

The lowest cost option for customers that are mostly self-reliant.

Efficient &

Perfect for most customers with regular support turnaround and optional extras.

Complete &

Ideal for customers requiring fast response with all IT costs locked-in.

Up to 8 hours response time

Up to 4 hours response time

Up to 2 hours response time

*Additional charges may incur.

Our Partners & Providers

Our network of providers are tailored to meet all sorts of requirements, from on premise monitoring though to full MPLS networking and cloud infrastructure maintenance. High level support and advanced IT consultation is available for your business.

We have partnerships with known leading vendors and have built long term partnerships by focusing on business outcome driven technology. Speak to us on how this will benefit you.

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Any managed services provider will include backup in their service packages. But nobody cares if you can backup – only whether you can restore! Even if you can restore:

  • How much data can you afford to lose?
  • How long can your business be down waiting for IT systems to be recovered?
  • What is the cost of an outage?

In these times of continuous operation, ransomware and notifiable data breaches, backup is no longer enough. A true Business Continuity service is required for any business which relies on systems and data and the cost of having one is a small fraction of the cost of needing one.

Teltech ICT has partnered with the world’s leading Business Continuity provider – Datto – to implement true Business Continuity solutions, whether your critical systems are on premises, on the cloud, or a mixture of the two. Note that Business Continuity is only available on Proactive and Partnered plans and the cost of that component depends on the capacity required.

For more detail on Business Continuity, why cloud services are NOT backups and how we can make ransomware no longer something to cause you sleepless nights, see here.