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Enterprise Wireless

Enterprise Wireless

Connectivity challenges can stifle business in today’s modern workplace

New ways to connect more and wire less.


When your business grows you need network reliability, security and agility from day one

While waiting for wired lines, you need to minimise the chance of disruption or downtime to your business

Consumer-grade routers serve a purpose but don’t always meet enterprise needs that depend on reliable high speed or responsive data transfer

4G LTE and 5G

Technology to simplify business.


The flexibility of wireless can help you extend beyond buildings, bringing products and services directly to your customers’ location.







Mobile Workers

Two things many mobile workers do on the go:


1. Tether to get work done which places a considerable toll on smartphone batteries causing rapid battery depletion hindering productivity


2. Hotspot in places offering free Wi-Fi, putting corporate information at risk


Protect corporate information and improve your mobile worker’s productivity with the HTC 5G Hub or Netgear Nighthawk M2 

 Australia’s fastest 4G Mobile Broadband device.

Day One Connectivity

Why wait for wired lines to be provisioned.


Get Day 1 network reliability, flexibility and agility to scale up / scale down as business needs dictate.

Enterprise-Grade Cradlepoint 4G LTE solutions with cloud-based device management software enable you to quickly connect to the Internet for:


New branch or store openings

Construction sites

Stores within stores

Pop up offices


Quickly set up a separate network within a larger store/office

Migration to Wireless

From 30 September 2019, ISDN lines will start to be disconnected.


Migrating off ISDN can be a simple, straightforward exercise for some businesses, but for many, it is more complex and time-consuming.


Enterprise-Grade Cradlepoint 4G LTE solutions with cloud-based device management software can help you quickly connect to the Internet for:


      ·        Temporary or Permanent connectivity

      ·        Use the same multi-WAN primary router to load balance between wired and wireless links; or 

     ·        Use the wireless link for failover

No need to wait for wired line installation


When time is money, having a backup wireless WAN connection would save the day.


Using Enterprise-Grade Cradlepoint 4G LTE failover as a backup solution has benefits over wired backup solutions for business continuity including:


     •      Always on connectivity.

     •      Ability to wirelessly connect to and manage the primary router with Out-of-Band Management 

        (access the primary router if it is down).

     •      Integrates seamlessly with existing network and SD-WAN infrastructure

     •      Simple, scalable, and quick deployment.

WAN link failure sorted