App Overload

At the breakneck speed of the digital age, our lives have become an intricate dance of screens, software, and seemingly endless apps. If you’ve ever felt like you’re juggling more apps than you can handle, you’re not alone! Welcome to the world of “App Overload,” a delightful little phenomenon that leaves even the savviest tech…

Be Cyber Aware – Don’t Compromise

October is here, and with it comes a crucial reminder of the importance of cyber security. Cyber Security Awareness Month serves as an annual call to action, urging individuals and organisations alike to enhance their digital defences and stay vigilant in the face of evolving cyber threats. In this following blog post, we’ll delve into…

What is the Best Tablet for kids?

What is the Best Tablet for kids?

Teltech ICT’s top considerations for selecting tablets for children.

Whether they are for use at school for work or home for play, tablets are an amazing resource and are rapidly becoming a must-have for children. There are so many tablet models available that it might seem difficult to choose a good one at the right price. To assist with selection, we have done our homework and compiled a list of ‘Top considerations for selecting tablets for your children’.