Interactive Guide

EnGenius Freestyl SIP SP935 Interactive Guide

AntennaReceiver4-line LCDVolume Control / ScrollingBroadcast KeyTalk/Flash/For SIP2-Way/IntercomEnd & Power ON/OFF KeyMicrophoneLeft KeyRight KeyDial Pad




a. Rings to an incoming call and intercom call.

b. Distinctive alert sounds indicating various events:

  1. Single beep: successful key entry
  2. Double beep: indicates power on/off
  3. Triple beep: failed operation
  4. Periodic 1-Long 2-Short beeps (every 1 minute): low battery warning; out of range; call on hold.

Re: No beep: invalid key entry.

4-line LCD

4-Line LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

a. The LCD display has LED (Light Emitting Diode) for backlighting.

b. The 1st line of LCD consists of icons.

c. Icons explanation from left to right

RSSI level (Receive Signal Strength Indicator)

  • During a call, the number of bars is proportional to the radio signal strength received.

Link mode

  • Call in progress (ON/OFF-Hook) - Indicates if the phone line is in the OFF-Hook status.
  • Intercom in-progress
    • Indicates if Intercom mode is active.
    • Indicates the Handset ID that is sending the intercom call.

Line, Sound and Indication

  • Line Indicator - Indicates when using line 1 or the incoming call from FXO line.
  • SIP Indicator - Indicates when using SIP or the incoming call from SIP.
  • Enable ringer
  • Disable ringer
  • Ringer and vibrate mode
  • Vibrate mode
  • Message waiting indicator

Disable PA and indicate speakerphone

  • Indicates if the incoming broadcast is disabled.
  • Speaker indicator - Indicates if the speakerphone is active.

Two-Digit Handset ID

  • Displays the 2-digit Handset ID of the owner.

Battery Strength

  • The number of bars is proportional to the amount of battery time remaining.

d. The 2nd and 3rd lines of the LCD, maximum 16-characters each, display status, message, menu selections, or user-editable alphanumerical characters.

e. The last line displays the left and right soft keys.

Volume Control / Scrolling

a. Scroll through records and menu selections.
b. Adjust receiver voice volume when in Talk mode.
c. Press UP to enter the received call log when in the Standby mode.
d. Press DOWN to enter the phonebook when in Standby mode.

Broadcast Key

a. Half duplex broadcasting to handsets for an immediate announcement.
b. Half duplex broadcasting to base stations.
Re: Press the key on the left top corner of the handset to activate the broadcast function.

Talk/Flash/For SIP


a. Places or answers a telephone or intercom call.
b. Sends a Flash signal to the phone line to retrieve a dial tone after the call ends, or to perform the Call Waiting feature provided by local phone companies during a call.
Press and hold the key for over 2-seconds to enable/disable the speakerphone during incoming, outgoing or intercom call.


a. Places an intercom call to another handset, a group handset (group paging) or all registered handsets.
b. Intercom calls are digital, full duplex, and are conducted without the assistance of the base station.

End & Power ON/OFF Key

a. Ends a call.
b. Leaves current menu operation, up one level.
c. Press for 3-seconds to turn off the power.


Left Key

Left direction to make a menu selection.

Right Key

Right direction to make a menu selection.

Dial Pad

Alphanumeric Dial Pad