How Working From Home Has Changed The Workplace

By Teltech ICT
How Working From Home Has Changed The Workplace

Working from home has become increasingly common in recent years, with many employees now enjoying the flexibility and convenience of remote work. However, there are both pros and cons to working from home that should be considered.


  1. Flexibility – Remote work allows for a more flexible schedule, with the ability to work from anywhere and at any time that suits the employee.
  2. Increased productivity – Without the distractions of the office environment, many employees find that they are more productive when working from home.
  3. Cost savings – Working from home can save employees money on commuting, eating out, and work-related expenses.
  4. Improved work-life balance – With the ability to work from home, employees are often better able to balance work and personal commitments.


  1. Isolation – Working from home can be isolating, with less face-to-face interaction with colleagues and less opportunities for collaboration.
  2. Blurred lines between work and personal life – Without the physical separation between work and home, it can be difficult for employees to switch off and disconnect from work.
  3. Lack of structure – Working from home can lack the structure of a traditional office environment, leading to procrastination and distraction.
  4. Technological issues – Depending on the type of work, employees may require specific software or hardware that is not easily accessible from home.

An additional noteworthy transformation is the heightened dependence on technology. As a result of remote work, employees are communicating and collaborating through online means, leading to a surge in the utilisation of video conferencing, messaging applications, and project management software. Although these tools support teamwork, they can also generate distractions and an excessive workload.


Overall, while working from home has many benefits, it is important for employees to consider the potential drawbacks and establish a routine that works for them.

Below are some links to some tools to help you along the way if you are working remotely or on the road.


Working from home has undoubtedly revolutionised the workplace, transforming it into a space that’s equal parts professional and personal. We’ve traded in suits for sweatpants and cubicles for comfort, all while proving that productivity doesn’t necessarily require a physical office. As we navigate this new era, let’s embrace the changes, cherish the flexibility, and remember to mute ourselves during virtual meetings. After all, this pyjama-powered revolution might just be the best thing to happen to our work lives!

So, here’s to the brave new world of remote work—a place where our furry friends are welcome, dress codes are optional, and productivity thrives. Cheers!

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