Service Level Agreements

By Teltech ICT

One of the major advantages of a Telstra private network is the reduction in cost of ownership and management of ICT infrastructure. This means businesses can have their IT staff concentrating full time on important project work that will help grow their business.

Imagine if you could eliminate the time expensive IT staff are tied up on day-to-day activities such as “break/fix” tasks and annoying “little jobs” such as updating servers and setting up eMail addresses for new employees.

Small business tends to have someone they trust helping them with their day to day IT activities. However, inevitably, the fees for this service blow out and managing the cost becomes a headache. Have a look at your previous profit and loss statement and calculate what was ACTUALLY spent on IT contractors!

Whether your business is large or small these distractions should not take up as much time and money as they do. Most businesses have found that IT service is more cost effective to outsource.

If only there was a better and more effective way . . .

Well there is. TelTech Services is finding that almost all of our clients that connect to a Telstra private network engage us for a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is because all of their critical infrastructure has been migrated to the Telstra Cloud and no longer requires in-house IT attention. The savings here alone can be close to $100,000 per annum, even taking the SLA cost into consideration.

With Office 365 and an SLA, TelTech Services has significantly reduced our customers IT spend. More importantly, we have taken away the hassle, confusion and problems associated with their previous network and IT strategy.

In today’s busy world we need to focus more of our time on our core business, this is where a good SLA is essential. We all know we need IT but not many of us want to deal with it – so let TelTech Services handle this for you.

The TelTech Services ICT Team.

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