The iPhone 6 is here

By Teltech ICT

The Apple iPhone is back “bigger than bigger”. Upon its release on September 19, the public has been captivated by the two varying models available, the iPhone 6 & 6 plus.

Apple has aimed for more durability in their eighth generation iPhone with both models sporting a more rounded body and smooth metallic edges. They are both larger in dimension than previous models, yet notably thinner. With a thickness of just 6.9mm, the iPhone 6 is one of the slimmest smart phones on the market right now.

Here at Telephone Technologies, we believe these models of the iPhone are revolutionary products that are crucial for businesses interested in maintaining the highest standards of technology within their organisation. Although any smartphone is good for a corporate environment, the iPhone 6 stands above the rest.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe this:

Easy to use:

  • Since growing in size, the iPhone 6 Plus may now overtake ‘phablets’ popularity in the market as the iPhone is a more suitable size for meetings and communicating on the go
  • The lock button has been moved from the top of the handset to the right hand side making it easier for one handed use
  • Apple Pay’ is a new feature that apple users can look forward to. A special chip inside the iPhone 6 will allow users to make contactless payments using the phone
  • Improvements to the breakthrough Touch ID fingerprint scanner will give users faster access to the many new features within the device
  • Available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB, however stock is limited


  • There has been a drastic improvement with the display aspects in Apple’s latest models. The iPhone 6 Plus has a full HD 1920 x 1080 5.5-inch screen with a 401ppi display
  • It also has a higher contrast and wider viewing angles than the iPhone 5S, making it easier when showing information to a group for instance


  • The iPhone 6 boasts stronger battery power with a bigger 1810 mAh battery and a more efficient processor. This is extremely important to businesses as it is vital for devices to outlast the working day
  • Apple reports the iPhone 6 can keep going for up to 250 hours on standby, allowing for 12 hours of talk time and 11 hours of internet use


  • If taking photos is important to your business then the iPhone 6 camera is sure to impress. With an 8MP camera comprising a wide angle iSight lens, greater noise reduction and 2x faster autofocus, this camera makes it a breeze to take a professional photo right from the palm of your hand
  • Other new features include the new Burst mode, allowing users to take up to ten shots per second

With many competitors in the market, the iPhone 6 is one of the best devices for businesses to use as a means of communication. The many updated features and overall improvements of the phone have been created to satisfy the most demanding user.