Why cloud controlled Wi-Fi makes good business sense

By Teltech ICT

More and more businesses are discovering the ease and simplicity of cloud-based wireless area networks for delivering Wi-Fi to their customers and staff.

The growth of mobile phone usage and constant demand for online connectivity means businesses and organisations must deliver reliable and quality Wi-Fi services to their customers, or risk falling behind their competitors.
Most of us now expect high-speed Wi-Fi access when we visit a business premises, whether we’re having a coffee at the local café, staying at a hotel or working out at the gym.
TelTech Services is one of the few Australia resellers of Meraki Cisco Wi-Fi – an industry leading cloud-managed wireless solution that enables businesses to deliver reliable, high capacity Wi-Fi for corporate and guest users, across multiple locations and devices.
Meraki is different to traditional LAN/Wi-Fi systems that require a certain level of technical expertise and resources to manage and configure. With a Meraki Cisco system, all administration is managed online giving IT teams complete visibility and control over their entire network through a simplified online dashboard.
IT teams can configure thousands of devices, run diagnostics, or view reports with a few clicks. Ideal for small IT teams or businesses without in-house IT support that rely on remote IT managed services.

Cloud based Wi-Fi management is a smart option for businesses and schools

Recently we installed a Meraki Wi-Fi network at Star Fitness, a leading fitness centre in Heatherton. The centre needed an easy-to-manage wireless network that could meet high demand of peak gym times and provide both corporate and guest access levels.
Meraki Cisco is also popular within the higher education sector. We supplied a Meraki Cisco solution to a regional Tafe in Victoria to enable secure and high capacity Wi-FI access to students and staff across four campuses.

Benefits of a Meraki Wi-Fi network

  • Reduced workload – centrally managed on easy to use dashboard
  • Fast and reliable network connection
  • Highly secure
  • On-site IT support not required – remote, centralised management
  • Simple to use
  • Management can be outsourced if no on-site IT support is available (good for small businesses)
  • Fast and secure VPN connection

What next?

We can supply, install and manage a Meraki Wi-Fi network at your business, school or university. Contact our team for information about Meraki Wi-Fi at your business, school or college.