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This Week Teltech takes a look at Evernote, an App that’s making its presence known in the business world. For all the right reasons!
With the way Technology is growing it is safe to say that most people own or carry some sort of smart device, whether it be a smart phone or a tablet of some description. With the introduction of cloud services it’s becoming easier to manage or monitor your business online utilising smart phones, tablets and ultra-books. Developers are producing Apps to keep you in the loop and making sure where ever you are you have access to your information.
Evernote is a one stop organisational App, its functionality and versatility eliminates the need to manage a multitude of Apps to keep yourself organised.
The main features and benefits of the App are its accessibility portability and versatility.


Evernote is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems, providing accessibility no matter where you are or which device you prefer. The Evernote website provides a downloadable version for both Windows and Apple computers, it automatically prompts you with the option depending on which device you are using when you log in. If you prefer not to download the ‘program’ version you can just sign into the website.


While Evernote is totally accessible across all platforms its main feature is the ability to take notes on mobile devices which can then be accessed on any PC, tablet or laptop wherever you are. Evernote is not meant to replace MS Word, the note taking functions are limited. However all of the essentials are available – bullet points, page brakes, different fonts, colour and style options. The idea is that it’s a quick and accessible for people on the go.
These shortcomings are quickly overshadowed by the brilliance of this App. If you are anything like me where inspiration and creativity tends to hit you while waiting in line for your morning coffee, then I believe Evernote could be just what you are looking for.


With the Evernote Application you are able to sort, organise and store everything in the one place. It is recommended that all grouping and organising of tasks should be set up on a computer before going out.
You have the option of taking photos and storing them as a ‘note’. You are able to easily upload images directly from your smart phone/tablet into a note and access it later for editing and formatting once you are back at your computer at home or the office!
Other features are voice recording for those people who are more into ‘audio’ and for people who prefer the ‘feel’ of pen to paper, why not use the touch screen writing function. This allows you to take notes with a stylus if that is more your ‘style’.

Evernote has one of the most advanced search options for saved works, allowing you to search for key words that exist within images.
There is a large range of additional Apps for many other tasks so I highly recommend you have a good look for yourself to get a better idea about what would be most applicable to your situation. While the main application is free to download, for serious users there are Premium and Business accounts which come at a small monthly fee.
Evernote has nearly everything you can think of covered for organising yourself for your day to day business.
All in all I think Evernote is brilliant, it’s something that I use every day and love speaking about.
I give it a rating of:

Thank you for your interest, I hope you found this review to be informative.

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Author: Amanda Villalobos, Administration Assistant at Telephone Technologies.