Goodbye 3G, Telstra 3G Closure

By Teltech ICT

Goodbye 3G, Telstra 3G Closure

Telstra will be switching off 3G in mid-2024. While this is still a while away, Telstra are making the announcement now so our customers have plenty of time to change to newer devices if they have a 3G only device or a 4G device that doesn’t have 4G voice calling (HD Calling) capability.

Telstra launched 3G in 2005 and it was cutting edge technology at the time. They now offer customers extensive 4G coverage which provides vastly better data speeds and improved customer experience for streaming sport and entertainment and using graphics and video-rich social media platforms. Telstra have now also launched the next generation of mobile technology 5G which will bring advancements in mobile gaming, virtual reality experiences, HD video conferencing and other applications not yet even contemplated.

As customers increasingly move from 3G to take up the benefits of newer technology Telstra will be repurposing the 850MHz spectrum, currently used to provide 3G coverage, to support the 5G rollout. This will let them grow and improve the delivery of next-generation 5G technology.

CoverageFor Telstra customers in a 3G only coverage area, Telstra plan to establish 4G coverage in all 3G only areas by the time of 3G closure. The new 4G coverage will be similar in size and reach as pre-existing 3G coverage.   Click HereCompatibilityYou can research your device specifications online to check if any of your devices are affected.
If you have a device that is only able to connect to 3G, that device will no longer be able to connect after the closure date in 2024, and therefore you will need to upgrade your device. If you have brought your own (BYO) device to use on the Telstra Mobile Network, Telstra will do their best to help you upgrade to 4G mobile technology or LTE-M/NB-IoT where relevant for IoT use cases.Click Here4G Voice calling If you have a device that can connect by 4G, it should continue to keep working post closure unless the device does not support 4G voice calling (‘VoLTE’ or HD calling). If you have one of these devices you will be able to access data but not make a phone call.
If your 4G phone has voice calling capability, you can find instructions for how to enable it below.Click Here
Effected Prepaid Mobiles3G closure will not affect your prepaid recharge or phone plans. As at October 2019, Telstra have the below-impacted devices in the market: >Telstra Lite, >Telstra Flip 2, >Telstra EasyCall 4, >Alcatel U5 3G & >Boost Alcatel U3 3GClick HereEffected Tablets As at October 2019, Telstra has the below-impacted tablet in the market:
Telstra Essentials Tablet – This is a 4G capable device, however, it does not support Voice over LTE (VOLTE). All voice calls operate on the 3G Network. This device will not be able to make voice or receive voice calls after the network closure, however, the device can still use data.Click Here