Introducing the SV9000 series

By Teltech ICT

Say hello to the latest innovation from NEC, the SV9000 series. This reliable, world class communication platform will be made available to Australians in November 2014. Although preserving the same technology as the SV8000 series, the SV9000 series will surprise customers with many new and exciting features.

The NEC SV9000 series has had several advancements made to its hardware and software structure.

These include:

  • Improved video support
  • Upgraded unified communications
  • Increased scalability and SIP trunking
  • Improved user-based web management
  • Communication tools that can be modified to individual roles within a workplace
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Features for users with visual impairment

Furthermore, with the launch of this innovative system, we will see the release of a number of new terminals. The DT400 and DT800 will empower your workplace by providing a wide-range of features to help improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Your organisation may have heard or read about the NEC SV9000 series on overseas websites and media outlets, this is due to its prior release in other regions of the world. The reason its release has been postponed in Australia is due to the various testing and verification processes that must occur to ensure that a product complies with Australian standards. This process has proven that the NEC SV9000 is fit for Australian business needs and will be officially launched next month.

We also assure you that the SL1100 communication solution will not be affected by the launch of the SV9000 series.

To grow and stay competitive, businesses must innovate by leveraging modern communication technologies, tools and solutions. This device has been created to drive staff engagement by making your workplace more competent, flexible and productive.