TIM School Communicator

By Teltech ICT

Here at Teltech ICT we are excited to tell all of our school customers about the new TIM School Communicator. This Telstra product has been designed to enhance the integrated messaging system within Primary and Secondary schools and will enable effective two-way dialogue among the entire school community. Read on as we give our full review:

A revolutionising function of TIM is the Anti-bullying Helpline. This initiative was developed due to the possiblity of students and parents feeling hesitant about reporting cases of bullying in fear that it will worsen the problem or expose the student to ridicule.

However this system is 100% anonymous and allows for school administration to take immediate action on the issue being raised. The system gives parents and students the opportunity to send anonymous text messages straight to school officials. These messages cannot be traced back to the sender and also have the option of initiating real-time dialogue.

TIM also features Broadcast Alerting, an advanced messaging platform that will automatically announce information that needs to be transmitted immediately to specific contacts. This function is useful for last-minute class schedules, changes to school events, or even the unfortunate event of threats to school campus.

Templates and critical group lists may be pre-configured and loaded onto the system to allow for immediate alerts to the right people. Alerts can be triggered from any web browser, at any time of day from mobile phones, tablets or any other web enabled device. Crisis plans are essential for schools and the TIM School Communicator is the perfect solution to put this into place. The system will also enable ongoing communication after the event.

Communication between parents and teachers is crucial to any school environment, and with the TIM system, easy two-way dialogue can take place. This system is very valuable for reporting truancy notifications to parents, organising sporting events and even homework exercises.

Other features:

  • Includes an online portal that enables messaging from anywhere with role based account views
  • Key word searches provide users with instant information based on query messages beginning with an appropriate keyword
  • The multi-mode system lets users choose from either one to one or one to many messaging in the form of SMS, MMS, email or even voice broadcasting. Names can also be automatically added to messages when pre-configured.
  • Messages can be scheduled to be automatically sent out at specific times and days

TIM will provide schools with an easy interface to send an SMS to individuals or specified lists. All SMS charges are set at Government Educational Rates. The easy to use system can be integrated into almost any existing school IT system and will revolutionise the way parents, teachers, students and staff communicate with one another.