Kids and Smartphones. Is it a good idea?

By Teltech ICT

The days of mobiles phones being used for just making phone calls and sending text messages are officially over. The Smartphone is taking the world by storm and is drastically improving by the day.

So when we learnt that ONE in THREE primary school aged children in Australia have their own mobile phone and kids as young as eight were carrying smart phones, the team here at Teltech ICT was quite shocked!

It raises the question, should your child have their own mobile phone?

Today, Smartphones are basically hand-held computers that provide fast access to almost anything a user requires. This can be quite concerning for parents, so in order to help you decide whether or not to give your child a mobile phone, we have compiled a list of reasons for and against children having mobile phones.



  • Children can immediately contact Emergency services if required
  • They allow parents and children to stay in touch at any time. This is important as pay phones are becoming scarce
  • Many Smartphones now include GPS and safety apps, which allow parents to track their child’s phone if necessary
  • Children learn the responsibility of looking after a device and monitoring it’s usage
  • There are many educational apps on the market that can be beneficial for children of all ages


  • Students may use their phone during class time for text messaging or to play games, causing both distraction and disruption
  • Smartphones offer Internet access, giving children the opportunity to visit websites and social media that they may not usually be allowed to access on the home computer
  • Smartphone overuse may discourage physical activity and face-to-face interactions with friends and family
  • Can be expensive if not monitored properly
  • Potential exposure to cyberbullying

Product Review

It is worth looking into the Telstra EasyCall 3 as a simple alternative to the Smartphone for children. This mobile phone features an alert switch for quick action in an emergency, easy to read buttons and a handy torch light. For just $99 the Easy Call will deliver the main functions of making and receiving phone calls and text messages. This phone is ideal for when the added features of a Smartphone such as a Camera or Internet access aren’t necessary for your child.


To conclude. From changes in after school pick up plans to making it easy for kids to let their parents know that they arrived at their destination, there’s no doubt that the convenience of a child having a mobile phone outweighs the concerns.