Know more about Data Centre Interconnect

By Teltech ICT

You connect your infrastructure at various data centres by subscribing to Data Centre Interconnect ports. Data Centre Interconnect gives you the freedom to move between selected data centres while having greater flexibility and scalability. This means you can be more agile and efficient in the way you manage cloud, critical applications and business continuity. It’s ideal if you rely on private or hybrid cloud environments, transfer large amounts of data or have significant data replication or back up requirements. The solution brings together the stability, high capacity and efficiency of layer 2 Ethernet connectivity with the flexibility of Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology
What is a Data Centre?
A Data Centre is a facility composed of networked computers that businesses use to organize storages, store data’s and disseminate a large amount of data. A Data Centre is usually considered as the heart and centre of a business. Everything circulates through the Data Centre that’s why it is very important and critical part of a business. It is the asset of a Business Operation.
So what is a Data Centre Interconnect?
To explain it technically, Data Centre Interconnect is a layer-2 Ethernet based point to point connectivity product for a domestic and global data centre. It leverages the existing global footprint of PEN data centres (20) and expands our domestic footprint to 10 data centres.
Once a customer is connected to this service, they can now configure flows/virtual circuits between any DCs on-the-fly with bandwidths ranging from 1 mbps to 10Gbps, sounds great isn’t it?
Now, for you to understand it much easier, Data Centre Interconnect is actually the networking or the device that connects 2 or more Data Centres to achieve the objective of the Business. This connection enables different Data Centre to communicate, share information, and work together as one.
That’s why it is important because it enables different branches to work as one for a common objective.
How does Data Centre Interconnect work?
DCI is easy to operate. You yourself can study it by yourself. Here’s how Data Centre Interconnect works:

  • On-demand Layer-2 Ethernet based point to point connectivity between domestic and global data centres.
  • DCI is built using the latest Software Defined Networking technology so you can assure that it is reliable.
  • Customers can configure flows between compatible data centre across the Globe from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Now that is one amazing technology.
  • Bandwidth Burst for temporary Bandwidth on demand

Data Centre Interconnect provides you with a lot of interesting benefits. Start creating a more dynamic data centre environment.

  • DCI is Future-ready SDN technology. With its advanced technology, you can assure that it is very advanced; it can cope up to any updates of SDN technology. Data Centre Interconnect uses Network Orchestration with the OpenDaylight controller for complete separation of control and network flaws. It open standard ensures continuous innovation and API based integration for your application in the future.
  • It can reach globally. With 32 data centres in Australia, and access in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, UK and USA, Data Centre interconnect provides far-reaching domestic and Global Connectivity.
  • One port can provide a lot of Flows. Order flows between any of the active ports, and configure up to 4,095 flows for each port. This enables you to achieve different performance results for different applications.
  • Billing subscription and option is very flexible. Billing options include hourly, daily, monthly or pay-as-you-go options. Or subscribe for up to three years to lower costs.
  • It has 24/7 Helpdesk support. You can raise any issues or faults to our 24/7 Helpdesk. It will resolve issues and restore the service within your subscribed service level.
  • You can easily manage your DCI’s performance. Select latency and SLA options to ensure flows have known latency and will be restored within your target times.
  • Scale Bandwidth incrementally. Dynamically allocate and scale bandwidth ranging from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps in 1 Mbps increments. Add temporary bandwidth bursts as needed and only pay for the time you want.

How do I make sure that my investment in this product will be worth it?
As mentioned above, Data Centre Interconnect is considered as the heart of many businesses and can surely be a great investment for you and your company. Teltech understands that Data Centre Interconnect is a strategic product for Telstra that can help unravel the mystery & how we can best be implemented within your business.
But wait, there’s more. There are more reasons why you’ll love this product.

  • Data Centre Interconnect has a global footprint covering an increasing number of data centres both internationally and domestic.
  • DCI has SDN capabilities making ordering and services changes in real time.
  • DCI has boosting capability helping customers to be more efficient and agile in their network costing.

DCI surely is a great product for a great business. Remember, a successful business requires a lot of investments and sacrifices. Data Centre Interconnect will surely provide you all the great benefit. Invest for Success!
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