Migrating from NEC SV8100 to NEC SV9100

By Teltech ICT

Businesses need a communications solution that is designed to fit unique and varying needs. A powerful platform that is easy to use and manage. A solution packed with the business features companies need like out-of-the-box collaboration, desktop integration, an intuitive operator console, IVR, contact centre capabilities, unified messaging and the ability to work while mobile.
In today’s working environment, employees are spread across different locations. One of the best ways to bring teams together and speed up the decision making process is to use collaboration tools. The SV9100 is capable of holding multi-party web based video conference without the need for additional hardware.
Employees are able to quickly set-up a video conference between two or more people from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser (or mobile device). As well as video and audio conferencing functionality, PC users can work collectively by sharing their screen and documents.
Communication plays a crucial part in every organization’s success. As such, you want to take advantage of the latest software and applications to gain a competitive edge.  Migrating from the SV8100 to the SV9100 or the latest more robust NEC technologies such as SV9300 and SV9500 can help you link up your teams together for more a productive, reachable workforce.
However, the SV9100 stands out when it comes to the ease and cost of migration. A single and simple hardware replacement and hardware migration license are all that it takes.

Why the SV9100?

The SV9100 delivers superior performance, efficiency, flexibility and can help your business grow and improve its brand reputation in today’s information-driven business environment.
It is the perfect solution for organizations that wish to streamline their business operations and as a result, profitability. The enhanced communication will help you realise better employee collaboration and productivity as well as improved customer relations.

Benefits of migrating to the SV9100 

•        Investment protection

Migrating to the SV9100 will effectively extend your current system’s life and ensure that your initial investment in NEC pays off for years to come. This is a major boost for most Australian businesses and with the SV8100 no longer being supported at the beginning of January 2018, migrating to the SV9100 makes more sense for small to medium-sized businesses.

•        More features and improved functionality

When you migrate from the SV8100, you gain access to a wealth of unified communications functionality. That means enhanced features and improved capacity. The SV9100 server allows you to expand to more than 1296 station ports up from the current 526 while at the same time enabling you to take full advantage of your IP capability.   You get to use the latest phones without having to overhaul your entire system helping you save both save time and money.

•        Assured future system support

After upgrading to the SV9100,  you won’t need to worry about the end of support issues for the SV8100 and unlock the current and future development enhancements available with the SV9100  All your NEC communications solutions will be supported in the future ensuring that the life of your older system is lengthened.

•        Ready to use features

The features and benefits of the SV9100 are ready to use ensuring a simplified migration and user licensing.
The NEC offers the SV9100 in two variations, the SV9100s and the SV9100E.  Not only does this enable you to opt for the version that best meets your current system, but it also makes the platform easily scalable as your business grows. If you run a business with a large number of employees, you are better off with the SV9100 but If you run a small business and just want just the basics, then the SV9100E is your best bet.

  • Improve the way you work

You need to be able to work from anywhere, not just at your desk. For your employees with multiple phone numbers (desk, fixed line or mobile devices), the SV9100 can link them all together. When a customer calls the work number all phones ring. Employees can also use their iPhone or Android smart device as a mobile extension. Allowing them to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere as if they were at their desk. Using Wi-Fi or mobile data to make calls. • Staff can be contactable virtually anywhere. • Customers have a single number to call. • Reduce customer frustration by answering calls when out of the office rather than relying on voicemail. • Staff can use their personal devices without the need to give out their mobile number to staff and customers.

Make the change now!

Worried about the cost of migrating to the new platform? Well, you need not worry. The NEC is offering incredible promotions including discounts on applications, trade-in offers as well as special financing to ensure you can move to the latest and most reliable NEC technologies.
For more information, you can make enquiries online here.  Alternatively, our consultants love to have a chat, so give us a call on 0397 (817 000).