Samsung Galaxy S5 VS HTC One M8

By Teltech ICT

Decisions, Decisions

As many of you aware there are two new flagship phones being released by the two major players in the android market.
One is the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the other the HTC One M8.
So you are wondering, which one do I get?
What we have decided to do is stay true to our business name and give you some information on the latest Telephone Technologies.


The Samsung Galaxy S5  is made from hardened plastic which allows it to be more scratch resistant. When we researched a drop test between the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 we found that the iPhone’s life ended when dropped from pocket height, the S5 survived a drop from bit higher with its life ending with a drop from ear height. The HTC One M8 did exceptionally well as the tester had to climb onto a park bench and drop it before it would stop working. So in this case the clear winner is the One M8, if you simply hate scratches then the S5 is the way to go.

Blue Tick

For those of you who are not Telstra customers, blue tick means that the phone works better in regional areas. So for those who travel outside of the city we would straight away recommend the S5 as it is blue tick and the One M8 is not.

Price Point

Whether you are looking to purchase this phone on a Telstra plan or outright, both these phones are in the same price category.

Otterbox Cases

Otterbox Cases, durable protective covers, are available for both handsets.

User Friendly

As perceived by most, the HTC One M8 is not as user friendly as the Samsung Galaxy S5. This could be due to the commonality between the S5 and the iPhone or just simply Samsung’s design. Either way if you were looking for a very easy and simple phone to use we would be pointing you towards the Samsung.

Exchange friendly

Both phones support exchange up to 2013

Office 365 availability

Both phones support office 365 with built in mail clients

PDF reader

Both phones support PDF either built in or 3rd party app

Flash friendly

Flash is not supported in android past android 4.1. This is not something that you need to worry about as with the new HTML 5 presentation language being released, video will now be incorporated into the coding of new websites rather than having to use older Flash technology.

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Blog author: Benjamin Beugelaar. IT engineer.  TelTech Services