The NBN and your Business

By Teltech ICT

As a business what can you expect from the NBN?

When the NBN is rolled out in your area, you can expect a more consistent internet connection. With the replacement of the 100 year old copper network to a brand new fibre connection the lines are less likely to suffer from corrosion and are built to be weatherproof. As the technology behind the fibre is more advanced it allows for a higher bandwidth and less congestion during peak periods.

The Future of ICT (Information and Communications Technology)

The future of business ICT needs a faster and more capable data connection. With faster data speeds businesses will be able to have clear sound quality while using services such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). They will also be able to utilise a higher grade of image quality, which is important for people such as Medical Practitioners and Building Developers. For international businesses it is a necessity as SIP Trunking, VoIP and Video Conferencing are becoming predominant forms of business communication. Integration between national sites using direct links and cloud based applications like CRM are all on the list of new developments that need faster data speeds.

When will you receive the NBN?

With the recent changes in the Australian political landscape and the consequent modification of the NBN rollout, there is only a guarantee that you will have access to the NBN at some point within the next ten years. What this does mean is that you have time to put a business plan together to make your business NBN ready. You have time to find technologies to improve your day to day activities and plan roll out stages to reduce inefficiencies in your organisation.

What Fibre alternatives are there to the NBN?

Many business people today feel like they can’t wait for the NBN or do not trust the service level agreements put in place by the government.
Well the GOOD NEWS is that there are alternatives and they are available to you TODAY.
Where the NBN is a shared service, Telstra offers a dedicated fibre service on a private network with guaranteed speeds and data security. The Telstra network is a great alternative compared to the best efforts put forward by the NBN.
If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a Private Network on Fibre feel free to contact us for a discussion on your specific needs.

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Blog author: Andre Ellis. TelTech Services