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By Teltech ICT

It is no surprise by now that the importance of cyber security for anyone online should be a priority regardless it is within personal or business circumstances. Humans are your strongest line of defence, but security awareness training alone will not change user behaviour. A security-savvy workforce can be built using usecure’s Human Risk Management (HRM).

Knowledege Is Power

As with most aspects of life, knowledge is certainly key when it comes to protecting your personal or professional data online.  Unfortunately, human error contributes to a whopping 95% of all breaches, we are but human after all. Whether it’s due to a lack of awareness or just a momentary lapse of judgement, businesses need to train employees to reduce costly mistakes where sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands, and financial, operational or reputational damage can occur.  Common ‘small’ mistakes could be clicking on a link or downloading an attachment from an unknown sender – to even connecting to an unknown wifi connection.  A mere small action could lead to a larger consequence.



Learn why awareness training isn't enough. Understand why many security awareness programs fail to improve cyber behaviour.


Discover how HRM transforms staff behaviour. Learn how HRM truly transforms staff behaviour without hindering productivity or resources.


Start building a security-savvy workforce today. Start calculating your organisation's human cyber risk with usecure.


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Simplify policy management and ensure user acknowledgement.

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Understand your organisation's human cyber risk.

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Identify each user’s security knowledge gaps and automate training programs that tackle their risk.

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