Streamline Your Business With Telstra Apps Marketplace

By Teltech ICT

Managing a business can be quite demanding and as a business owner, it is essential that you run your operations and processes efficiently and effectively. That’s where software applications come in and with the right business software, you can streamline your business and improve productivity.
Telstra’s Apps Marketplace provides you with a cost-effective way of accessing leading business applications such Microsoft 365, Docusign & Sharepoint. Most applications are available for a low, fixed monthly rate and you are able to control costs with flexible charging models.Telstra’s Apps Marketplace makes it easier for you to simplify your business transformation and in addition to offering well-known branded software. The app marketplace also provides users with innovative new applications from niche providers.
Telstra’s Apps Marketplace covers all business needs including security, productivity, workflow management, communication and video conferencing, storage and backup and professional service services such as Telstra Online Essentials. Investing in these applications can help you free up resources for more productive tasks. And with employees being your important resource, modernizing the workplace will play a major role in attracting and retaining young motivated workers.
More than just purchasing business applications, Telstra’s Apps Marketplace makes it easy for you too by having it all in one place. You are allowed complete visibility across all your applications and users, giving you the power to control and allocate access. What’s more, as it is a subscription based service you can easily increase or decrease the number of licensed users to ensure you aren’t paying for applications that you don’t use.
You don’t have to spend way over the top purchasing enterprise grade applications. With Telstra’s Apps Marketplace there are no upfront costs and whether you’re looking to move to the cloud or to digitize your paper trail, T-Suite provides you with the best applications for your business.
At Telephone Technologies, we are always on hand to help our clients in selecting and installing productivity software. Our consultants will assist you to review your business operations and help you select the best Telstra’s Apps Marketplace applications and plans for your business depending on your needs and budget.
For more information, you can make enquiries online here. Alternatively, our consultants love to have a chat, so give us a call on 0397 (817 000).